Five Things To Do After an Autism Diagnosis
By Erin Schneider, Colorado Parent, September 2021

Getting a diagnosis of autism or other disabilities for your child can be emotional, stressful, and overwhelming. In many cases, parents may have suspected for some time that something might be different about their child, but that doesn’t make the news easy to hear. It is a lot to process and it’s easy to get lost wondering what to do next.  Read More.


Make the Most of Your Child’s IEP
By Jim Schneider, Colorado Parent, October 2021

Many children with disabilities or challenges related to learning in a traditional classroom setting are eligible for individualized education programs (IEPs). The intent of these plans is to develop a strategy to support each child’s learning. Read More.


Finding The Right Providers and Therapists for Your Child
By Jim Schneider, Colorado Parent, December 2021

When seeking help for children with disabilities or special needs, parents are often faced with an overwhelming amount of choices. You might have a general idea of what kinds of therapy are needed, but how do you find the best provider? One size does not fit all when it comes to therapy and other kinds of support. Here are several experts’ suggestions of what to consider. Read More.

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