Special Needs and Disabilities 


I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed, scared and alone after receiving your child’s diagnosis. A caseworker may send you a list of providers, but then it’s up to you to find the right one, and that can be like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s so important to find providers who align with your child’s particular needs, as well as your parenting philosophy. 

You are left overloaded with information, but no way to process it and no idea where to begin. I can help. I understand. I’ve been in your place. When my son was diagnosed with autism, I was given a long list of providers and spent weeks making phone calls, leaving messages and feeling like I was getting nowhere.

I often found out about support programs long after the fact, and then had to fight my way through confusing application processes to get the benefits my child deserved. I needed help, and help is what I’m here to offer you. I will help point you in the right direction, work with you to identify goals and do the heavy lifting for you. I will be your guide and your partner on a journey to the best possible outcome for your child and your family.

What I can do for you:


There are a multitude of services that may benefit your child. These might include some mix of occupational therapy (OT), behavioral, speech, applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and others. I’ll research available providers, narrow down your choices and help you find the right fit.

Financial Assistance

Paying for all these services can be overwhelming and stressful, but there are programs out there to help. It can be hard to know where to look what you might qualify for, and I can help explain available programs to you and guide you through the application process. Together, we’ll find a financial path that works for you.

Support Services

Getting the needs of your child with disabilities met is very important, but so are the needs of the rest of the family. I can help you with parent and sibling support, child therapy, respite care, and other assistance. 

Extended Services

Your child might also benefit from other services and activities, like music therapy, swimming, horse therapy and others. We can help identify those. 

Community Center Board (CCB)

I will help you find your correct CCB to ensure you get started with services that can apply to your situation. These services might include early intervention, the CES Waiver, family services, and more.


I know how hard things can be after you receive that diagnosis. I felt lost and alone, and I don’t want you to go through what I went through. Whether you need to vent, to talk, or just a shoulder to cry on, I am here to offer that support. 

Each of my services consists of the following.

Free 30 minute introductory call

Your child is precious, and so is your time. Your life is busy and stressful and navigating through endless lists of service providers and seeking out the hidden doors to financial support programs is daunting. I can help. I know how overwhelming it all feels, and you and your child can benefit from my experience, expertise and connections.

All it takes is 30 minutes to get started. That’s less time than you’d spend on hold trying to get answers to a single question. In those 30 minutes, we’ll discuss your child and your family so I can better understand your needs, hopes and goals.

Take the first step and sign up today. Let’s get started.

Individualized plans

I treat each family as individuals because each family is going to have different needs and wants. A sample service looks like the following.


  • Initial call - This is usually an hour-long call where we discuss your child’s diagnosis. I get a better feel for where you are at in your child’s process and work out where you need help. Whether it is getting references for providers, learning about and getting assistance with financial support programs, or just getting a plan in place.
  • Research - When we have a plan laid out, I spend time researching providers, finding the right Community Center Board (CCB) for you, identifying relevant state and federal support programs, etc. The amount of time I spend on research varies based on each family’s needs.
  • Follow-up - After I have completed my research, I will set up a follow-up appointment where we will discuss my findings and I will provide you with the detailed list for you to keep.

Whether you are just getting started in your journey or are looking for some additional support after years of being diagnosed, I am here to help.

We can help you navigate:



As the parent of an autisic son, I understand what it is like to feel overwhelmed, alone and lost after receiving a special needs diagnosis. It’s an emotional and logistically difficult path and families shouldn’t have to go it alone. I’m here to make your life easier and to give you the benefit of what I’ve learned along the way. 

Children with

Special Needs / Disabilities

When you find out your child has a disability, it can be hard to know where to start. You’re faced with tough decisions, like choosing a provider and figuring out how to pay for everything. That’s where I come in. I want to help make your life just a little easier by doing the research for you. I can help you find the right providers and point you to state, federal and private programs that may provide additional support.

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